Margaret Preston Biography

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Margret Preston was a famous Australian artist who was known for her modernist works as a painter and printmaker and was also controversially known for introducing Australian Aboriginal works into contemporary art. She was born April 29, 1875 and died May 28, 1963. Preston was a very strong willed, strong minded woman with a fiery temper. She was famous for her uncompromising personality and her forward feminist views which were evident in her strong, definitive works.

Preston worked lived and worked during the course of both WW1 and WW2, which gave women the opportunity to prove themselves in a society where they did not have many opportunities and civil rights.

Preston recognised her bold and unique artwork style when
Margret Preston: self portrait she began her training in her early teenage years under acclaimed artist, Lister Lister who taught her an immense variety of skills. She then studied at the National Gallery of Melbourne under Frederick McCubbin in 1993 and then under Bernard Hall in 1896, where she won a years free tuition with the painting ‘Still Life’. She then studied under Harry Gill at the School of Design, Painting and Technical Arts in Adelaide in 1898. All of these mentors played a significant part in her life and works and Preston would not have been the artist she was without their help, guidance and tuition they
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Preston’ s artwork is very relatable because she takes inspiration from the natural environment and we are able to see parts of her work in our day to day lives. Preston’s works provoke feelings of home and calmness, because of how close they are to reality and to make objects look real she uses, light and shade, colour and dimension, texture and softness to create a complete, complex
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