Maria Had Not Sleep During The Hotel Lobby Essay

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The morning after the attack by the two men in the hotel lobby, Maria had not sleep well and woke up earlier than usual due to her concern for Jim 's health. She called his phone, but he didn 't answer. Worried that maybe he had relapsed, she started to get dressed quickly to go to his room to check on him. Just as she was about to put on her shoes, there was a knock at her door. “Maria.” The voice said through the door. “It 's Jim.” Hearing him outside of her door gave her a rush of excitement. Running to the door with only one shoe on, she quickly unlocked and opened it. “Jim!” She almost shouted. “I was worried about you.” “That 's nice.” He told her as he stood there in the hall. “May I come in?” “Yes! Yes of course.” She said as she stepped back out of his way as he then walked in her room. “I just want to say...” Jim started to say as he turned to face her, then he paused. “Yes?” She asked him as she closed her door. “What is it?” “I want to thank you.” He told her. “Thank me? Thank me for what?” “For your help yesterday.” He told her. “My help?” She asked. “What help? Those two men hurt you and I did nothing to prevent their attack.” “No. That 's not true.” He said. “You distracted them when you were in the phone booth so I could take Sarge down. You risked your life to help me when you yelled and warned me.” “I got you shot is what I did.” She said. “No.” Jim told her. “It was my fault. I took down the wrong man. They would have shot me anyway, or worse, if you hadn

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