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Marian Claro
Ms. Catena
English 9, Period 1
January 5, 2016 Communism & Socialism:
Communism and Socialism are interchangeably used a lot, it 's mostly because they are similar. They both want to promote equality & to remove social classes from society. They also, have the same ideology. Communism and Socialism at first can sound very appealing with everyone in the community doing their duty and completing their responsibilities toward the same communal goal. However, some countries have tried it like China, Cuba, North Korea, and Vietnam, many if not most have failed in the past and or have become dictatorships, which made reforms in the countries nearly impossible to complete. Although,
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Furthermore, if one discovers the amount of advancements that takes place in socialist and communist countries. One can see that there is very little advancements being accomplished because of how the workers expect their basic needs to be given by the community. This causes the required work to be achieved, but no more progress is obtained than what is needed. Which makes advancements be limited, since they are receiving what 's necessary, so that makes them see no point in moving into other activities. This is portrayed in the novel, Animal Farm, when snowball tries to assemble committees because he wants to tame the wild animals so, he can educate the animals by teaching them how to read and write. He also wants to help organize a new movement of advancing into multiple projects for each animal group but, the committees end up being unsuccessful. Like it exclaims in that," On the whole these projects were a failure" (Orwell 20). The attempt to tame the wild creatures, or instance, broke down almost immediately. They continued to behave very much as before, and when treated with generosity simply took advantage of it." The animals in animal farm don’t have inspirations to do anything else than to focus on harvesting so their need of having plentiful of food can be met.
Furthermore, socialism and communism can be easily comparable to each other when one examines their standards on equality. They both want to either eliminate or narrow down social
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