Destruction Of Childhood In Marigolds By Eugenia Collier

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Can bad issues from your own family cause you to destroy the goodness of someone else’s life? Lizabeth grew up in a place where the community wasn’t the prettiest thing to look at nor, was it a good place to grow up in. In the short story Marigolds by Eugenia Collier in the genre of adulthood , you will see the relationship between Miss Lottie and Lizabeth and the difficulties of growing up culturally deprived .

Lizabeth grew up in a poor community because, her and her family was poor, the mother was the breadwinner of the household while the father stayed home and took care of the kids while the mother was at work .Though they didn’t have much they made use of what they had. They had fun by making due of the little things that was around . “Let’s go over to Miss Lottie’s.” “Let’s go see can we find some locusts on the hill.” The children always found different things to do. People should understand that other less fortunate kids don’t complain but make due of what they have and find other things to do. …show more content…

Don’t take your anger out on someone else because, it isn’t there fault. “The great need for my mother who was never there, the hopelessness of our poverty and degradation ,the bewilderment of being neither child nor woman and yet both at once , the fear unleashed by my father’s tears .And these feelings combined in one great impulse toward destruction.” “ I leaped furiously into the mounds of marigolds and pulled madly , trampling and pulling and destroying the perfect yellow blooms.” Lizabeth then saw that her childish ways would leave an mental scar of shame because , she decided to take her frustration out on Miss Lottie’s marigolds

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