Marijuana Is One Of The Most Dangerous Drugs In The World

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Marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world which is used by million of people. If I now ask everyone that what is marijuana, they will easily say that it is a drug which nobody should use. People know that marijuana is bad for their health, but they still want to use it for fun. According to the research conducted by substance abuse and mental health service administration, 67 percent of the marijuana users are under 18 years of age (Marijuana Rehab Facility and Stats). The high use of marijuana is leaving bad side effects on young people, especially on teenagers. I believed that marijuana should be banned everywhere, and it should be legalized only for medical use. There are millions of people are raising their voices in …show more content…

I told her that she should stay away from her friends who are using marijuana and not think about using marijuana at any cost, but she was so close to her best friends that she also started to smoke marijuana. She told me that she had researched a lot about marijuana online and smoking little bit marijuana would not hurt her. I tried to convince her a lot, but it was too late because started to like marijuana. First, she was smoking little marijuana bit, but then she started to smoke marijuana a lot. Soon, she started to hang out with people who knew how to get marijuana illegally. She was becoming addicted to marijuana day by day and wasting her money to buy marijuana which could be used for something else. Before she started to use marijuana, She was getting As in all her classes, but she soon started to get Cs and Ds in all her classes because she was busying smoking marijuana that she did not care about she destroying her future. She was becoming paranoid and started to behave weird due to side effects of marijuana. When she used all saving money to buy marijuana, she started to steal money from her parents, cousins, and siblings. It felt like that goal of her life was just smoke marijuana and do nothing. When her parents caught her stealing money, she bravely told her parents that she is stealing money because she wants to buy marijuana. She even did not feel ashamed that she is telling her parents that her

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