Marijuana Should be Legalized for Medical Use Essay examples

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We have all heard it over and over again, listening to everyone go on about how its wrong and its not healthy, but honestly people would not act they way they do if they cared what everyone else thought. This pertains especially to those of you who smoke marijuana. If marijuana users actually cared what everyone else thought, they would not be using it, even though it is illegal marijuana is one of the most attainable illegal substances out there. If marijuana is so attainable, and so many people like to indulge in using it then why has it been so hard to get it legalized? Marijuana can be extremely beneficial in several ways. Medical marijuana has many uses, its helped in easing pain, side effects of chemotherapy, and it can also …show more content…
Many diseases cannot be cured but most doctors can prescribe pain killers that can cause serious internal damage. Marijuana is also used to help ease chronic pain, nausea, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite (Anderson 334). With this knowledge further medical research and testing should be done to help those in need. Marijuana has been used medicinally since the 1800s. Marijuana was recognized as a medicinal drug and was listed in the United States Pharmacopeia from 1850 to 1942. The United States has been in a financial repression, our economy is at the lowest point it has been in in decades. Currently $33 billion is being spent on the War on Drugs ( In 2009, over 1,663,582 arrests were made in the year alone, for minor possession charges ( The economy is unstable and does not have the time of money to spent on issues that are minute to society. The economical standing point is clear, the economy does not need to execute something that has been pitifully downgraded by society. People do not understand that marijuana crops could also be used as a source of income for the economy. In Arizona 1,500 jobs alone will be created due to the medical marijuana industry, but not only will those 1,500 direct jobs will be made due to marijuana growers and dispensary employees, but there could be another possible 5,000 due to indirect jobs like grocery
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