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Who is Marilyn Monroe? When was she born? When did she die? What impact did she make in history, in the United States? Was she a woman of noble character or was she a woman who you would never want your innocent child to know about? Does she show her loyalty to America or was she a woman who betrayed her country like so many historical figures.
Marilyn Monroe was born June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles California. She remembered when she was a child, her mother trying to smother her with a pillow. She also thought that Clark Gable was her father but there is no physical evidence that her mother, Gladys ever met Gable and so the idea became invalid. As a child she remembers her “momma” and “dad” having an affair and her mother crying about how their …show more content…

At the young age of 16 she married the man next door known as James Dougherty, he soon left her during World War II, becoming a merchant. While her husband was gone a photographer noticed her because she was so beautiful. He saw that she was just naturally beautiful and that she wasn’t like the other girls who needed to wear make-up to have the look that other women envied. She soon became a movie actress and starred in many films. She died her hair brown and back to blonde, changing her name to Marilyn Monroe, Monroe being her grandmothers last name. While her husband was away she was tired of him being gone and tired of not having him around so she decided to get a divorce to him. As beautiful as she was she knew she was destined for a successful career, in the world of …show more content…

She starred in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry A Millionaire. Both movies were huge hits and made Monroe a legend around America.
Later she married a professional baseball player, Joe Dimaggio; he hated how the world viewed his wife. Seeing her as just a woman who was the it girl. He wanted to have the beautiful wife but he didn’t like how she was so open with her body and how she didn’t care to cover up herself. In October they quickly divorced. Making her once again a single woman.
August 5, 1962 at 36 years old. Marilyn Monroe’s death is unknown however. Some believe she was murdered because of her relationship with the Kennedy’s and others believe she overdosed on barbiturates. But neither has ever been proven. Monroe greatly impacted the women of America. Showing that all women can be beautiful and that all women should be treated as

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