Marine Biologist

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 Marine Science Center at Ponce Inlet: I volunteer in the education department, teaching guests about our animals and monitoring our two touch tanks. All of the animals at the Marine Science Center are found off the coasts of Florida, so I have expanded my knowledge of local fauna, and particularly impact guests that live in Florida who may not know that we have octopuses or seahorses in home waters. I am interested in becoming a Marine Biologist, so spending time learning and teaching others about marine animals is something I really enjoy.  Mu Alpha Theta: I have competed since 9th grade, and am currently president and will remain so next year. In my 10th grade year I coached the Geometry Team. o Awards: 2nd Place Geometry Team at January…show more content…
At Career Camp, I got to learn about many different careers in the animal field, and it led me to aspire to become a Marine Biologist, rather than a veterinarian. At camp, we got to meet workers in the various departments of the park, such as the veterinarians, animal trainers, and aquarists. We went behind the scenes of Seaworld’s immense rescue program and saw various animals that were being cared for and prepared for release, waded through a pool of 150+ cownose stingrays to help an aquarist clean, and educated guests on the animals in the Wild Arctic, along with more fun activities like being submerged in a cage in the shark exhibit and swimming with dolphins. The camp solidified my love for marine animals and my desire to work with them. Besides the camp, I regularly visit Seaworld and love to interact with the seals, dolphins, and orcas who are all too willing to play when you bring them the right toys. Because of Seaworld, I have been face-to-face with the top predator of the ocean, and inspired to do all that I can to keep them safe and encourage conservation to save our oceans. Seaworld is the largest influence on my goal of becoming a Marine
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