Marine Mammals : Public Display And Research Essay

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After comparing all the fish nutrients the scientists determined that captive dolphins can acquire adequate nutrition if they are fed a combination of capelin and herring. This table represents the chemical profile of their diet through fish. By feeding both of these fish to the dolphins it will ensure that they are getting balanced water, protein, and fat content. Another case study was done by Marine Mammals: Public Display and Research in 1994 to investigate the dolphins’ caloric requirements depending on their sex, age and physiological status.They tracked 16 dolphins in captivity to see what their eating patterns would reveal about their eating habits (Curry et al, 1994). They had 5 males and 11 females with 3 pregnant and 3 lactating. They fed them varying amounts of fish depending on the dolphins specific requirements. The table below shows the average kcal/kg/day of feed intake by the dolphins. Twice a year the dolphins were examined by a veterinarian and determined healthy. The dolphins digestive efficiency was determined as a percent of food ingested that was digested and used by the body. Twelve total fecal samples were collected from 3 male dolphins, 3 female dolphins of various ages to determine the percent of energy lost. Of a whole fish ingested, 15% of it is not digested and comes out as feces. Samples from lactating females were also collected to help determine digestive efficiency and energy consumption (Curry et al, 1994). Milk content from

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