Mark 's Student Profile And Case Study Essay

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Mark’s Student Profile and Case Study Nicole Barrett, Jaime Bell, Danielle Burns, Kristel Gallagher, and Brianne Panebianco Background Information: Mark Freeman is a nine year old fourth grade third month male student at Bill Clinton Elementary School. Mark was born on July 29, 2005. Mark is in a general education classroom, but is having difficulties in the areas of reading and writing. Marks classification is a specific learning disability in reading and writing. Mark’s health has always been in the normal range with no vision, hearing, or motor difficulties. Academic Information: Mark is a fourth grader in a general education classroom. The reason for this initial evaluation was that he was displaying difficulties in reading - especially vocabulary, reading, and comprehension – and in writing mechanics. He was given a variety of tests to evaluate his academic performance. A speech-language pathologist gave Mark the Test of Language Development-Intermediate: 3 (TOLD-1:3) to test different components of his spoken language skills. Mark performed within the average range on all the subtests. A school psychologist administered the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children III, in which Mark performed within the average range. His standard score for Verbal IQ was 92, for Performance IQ he received a standard score of 107, and he got a standard Full Scale IQ score of 102. The special education teacher administered both the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational
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