Marketing Analysis : Shania 's Business

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Abstract Shania 's business idea is viable, but it requires some adjustments to fit into the modern market requirements. It is important to realize that different business forms have their benefits and drawbacks; thus, their selection is not only important for registration processes but also their long-term survival. Each business form has regulatory, market, and customer complexities that it must handle to navigate in the currently volatile and dynamic working environment. Therefore, the choice of name demands reconsideration so as to establish a unique brand that is identifiable with her business. In addition, she should have an elaborate process of sourcing for workers, and it should avoid violating biblical rules, family expectations, …show more content…

A coffee business targeting the Christian market segment does not need such complex organizations because of its functional simplicity and scope. In other words, only large-scale organizations can opt for these choices. This leaves sole proprietorship and partnership business models because they fit into Shania 's strategic needs. Partnerships require drawing an agreement between entities on roles, responsibilities, and revenue sharing rations even in times of losses. Every partner is required to have some form of legal liability relative to the business functions in accordance with state laws. On the other hand, sole proprietorship requires registration and its registered owner is liable, at the same time, enjoys all profits from the business. Both business forms are easy to register even though their management, working, and regulatory procedures differ (Blais, 2011). Shania 's goal is to open a coffeehouse that targets her Christian community. Even though she has found some franchise offers with complimentary training, the recommendable option is to become a sole proprietor. Franchises will force her business to conform to business practices that may violate certain Christian norms making her lose customers she had targeted in the first place. Such oversight is not needed when targeting niche markets that are

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