Marketing Interview. I Spoke With Leandra Waldo Who Is

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I spoke with Leandra Waldo who is the Director of Client Services in Champlain’s marketing department. She started by describing the specific marketing efforts that Champlain has geared towards high schoolers in each grade. Champlain begins by buying tens of thousands of names from the college board. When they go to buy names, they look for students who have expressed interest in specific majors as well as students within certain demographics (including home state, income, and the types of colleges their parents attended) as well as geographic. When Champlain makes the initial contact with students, the material they send out is more general and does not speak to specific majors but rather general areas of study such …show more content…

They will then be sent a Major 1 sheet. A Major 1 sheet includes a letter from the program director as well as information about a student’s desired major. During this time, Champlain’s biggest focus is on sending out information about majors that either has low enrollment or are highly competitive across college’s. The type of material including in these emails includes student stories and outreach from professors to put a face to the program and build that relationship. They also include information about financial aid related to specific majors such as scholarships for women in technology. She stated that the school’s biggest selling points are their job placement rates, internships, real-world experiences, upside down curriculum; essentially all the professional development experiences.

Outside of marketing through social media or mailing, another important way that Champlain tries to reach students is through events, specifically open houses and accepted students day. During these big events, they also have smaller events focused on specific majors that either has low enrollment or are highly competitive. For instance, the night before open house they do a night just for game majors. During these events, they give tours and have info sessions about the differences between various game majors. They also try to make events like accepted students day as fun as

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