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Marketing Mix
MKT 421

Tyson Foods promotes several different types of food in the food chain industry. They are ranked 96 in the Fortune 500 in America’s largest corporations. Tyson’s produced poultry, beef, and pork, as well as providing the previous to several chain stores to use products. From McDonald nuggets to the Subway sandwich, Tyson is one of the largest poultry processing plants in the country. Tyson also distributes bag in bag products to stores which include Sam’s and Wal-Mart stores around the world. Tyson is best known for the appetizers and hot wings. Tyson has become one of the biggest marketers of value added chicken, beef, pork, as well as distributors to retail grocers, food service distributors, and national fast …show more content…

The commercials also helped get the word out in a humorous way to give insight and show how Tyson protein adds strength and energy to everyday life. The marketing department specifically concentrates on things that focus towards consumer targets such as fast and easy or even pre-cooked. A major key point is to provide some relief to everyday consumer problems such as less prep time for meals or as easy as popping it into the oven. Marketing paper advertisements are primarily for adults who prepare the meals for their selves or for the family. Television advertisement is done solely without violence, prejudice, sex, and profanity. All marketing advertisement whether printed or aired on television does not disparage any religion, ethnic, or political group. As an ongoing basis, Tyson thrives to identifying the distinctive markets and business opportunities best for the company. Tyson is committed to finding the everyday solution for customers and the consumers through research and by coordinating a mix of activities on both rational and emotional levels.
Tyson products are advertised through television commercial, radio stations, and newspapers. The way to attract the consumers to actually buy the product is by distributing coupons and in-store ads. Other ways to distribute coupons is in magazine inserts, on the internet, as well as the official Tyson web-site. When a customer is shopping in a local grocery store that is advertising Tyson products as a buy one get one

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