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Team Marketing Project

Executive Summary
The following marketing plan will outline a clear proposal for a new product line to the Apple Company. Currently Apple’s performance as a leader in the technology world has been a success. Apple is the dominator and now they plan to even target people that live alone. Apples current product offering and marketing strategies have become effective in attracting new customers to its already known brand name.
Apple wished to still be a leader in the technology world and target those who live home alone; the following marketing plan will provide the necessary marketing strategies that will help Apple boost its position as still the …show more content…

Secondly, for the competitive advantages, because in Australia the technology and the internet are very normal and useful, most of people who live in Australia are already very used of using internet and high-tech products. Australians are very wild about take in new product, especially technology products. So for this situation its really a advantage of our product move in to Australia.
3.2. P.E.S.T.L factors – the macro environment
3.2.1. Political
Australia has been considered one of the most highly ranked countries in the report by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Economic factors, political and social are broken into 15 sections for which the report bases its rankings into for the countries around the world. Australia had come in 9th place with Scandinavian countries and Canada placing higher in the top rankings. Over 165 countries are broken down and looked at their state strength and governance, history in unrest, economic stress, levels of development, unemployment, and growth is GDP per head and public trust in political institutions.
Australia’s political view has been recognized by other countries as a strong market leader and a valuable country to have free trade agreements with. All Australians can see that this is a huge benefit to the Australian economy. An increase in trade agreements means more jobs and security for the

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