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Telenor was launched in Pakistan in March 2005. Despite facing fierce competition it has managed to make its mark in the telecommunication industry and captured a huge consumer base. It is a provider of high quality telecommunications and media communication services and is ranked, as the 7th largest mobile operator in the world, and caters to over 153 million subscribers. Today after six years of its existence in Pakistan, Telenor is the fastest growing cellular network in the country. It offers a variety of packages which cater to the needs of people from all walks of life. Telenor has been technically innovative coming up with various new services such as easy-load, Telenor mobile TV, Auto location service´ to name a
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A key factor in the strategy is the encouragement of senior managers to be entrepreneurial in responding to local customer needs, product quality and customer services. Telenor’s decision to standardize or adapt its products is based on cost/benefit analysis of what they believe the implications of adaptation and standardization are for profitability and market share. According to Doole (2000) in normal circumstances, the cost of adaptation would be expected to be greater than the cost of successful standardization. Telenor believes in long term advantages and not in satisfaction of immediate demand, that’s why they continue the exposure to the standardized products and services which leads them to greater market share in the longer term. Our research shows that there are three factors which enforced the company towards more standardized strategy and these are illustrated in figure below.
•Homogeneity of markets
•Increase in number of regionalizing firms
•Identifiable international consumer segments. Summarizing it, regionalization forced the company to rethink about its strategies towards product, to be more competitive in the open market.
Telenor’s Price Strategy
Pricing across the borders is comparatively difficult from other decisions though it is believed that pricing is the most flexible and controllable marketing mix element. Companies operating in different markets experience extraordinarily difference across the borders.

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