The Marketing Imagination By Theodore Levitt

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In today’s modern era, the world is moving faster than ever, every organization is running a race of gaining maximum market share, and so as the customers, for their organization’s long-term growth but only those companies who transform themselves according to the need and requirement of the customers are able to achieve success and profit they desire and that’s what exactly said by Theodore Levitt (Head of the Marketing area at the Harvard Business School) in his article “The Marketing Imagination”.
Levitt explains, because of globalization, how the world is moving from the Era of Multinational Corporations to the Era of Global Corporations as the needs and wants of the worldwide customers are getting more and more homogeneous (Levitt, 1983) and they demand for more standardized products in terms of quality and price (Levitt, 1999). According to Theodore Levitt the companies who focus on a particular market in terms of providing value added products are most likely to achieve failure in this dynamic industrialized world and that’s why to survive with the competition in the market companies should focus on more standardized products by keeping in mind the different markets of the world and their common interest (Levitt, 1983, pg-6). The other main key point mentioned by Theodore Levitt was that the organizations should focus their concentration in knowing the requirements of the customers rather than presuming their needs by themselves and forcing the already manufactured

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