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Kate Pendlebury – The District Nurses
Write a detailed report on the procedures followed in your organisation to conduct market research.
Market research is used by our organisation for planning, collection and analysis of data relevant to decision making and the communication of the results of the analysis to management. Market research is used to fulfil three functional roles: * Descriptive function – Includes gathering and presenting statements of fact * Diagnostic function – Data or actions of a particular market are explained * Predictive function – Allows an advantage to use opportunities as they arise in the changing environment
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Desk research allows us to collect information from competitors’ websites in terms of promotional methods and industry monitoring, information is also collected through Census, the Bureau of statistics and Council statistics.
Develop hypotheses for testing, design draft test and use survey tools, recruit research respondents, collect, collate, summarise, quantify, analyse and interpret data
The hypotheses for this year’s Community Consultation report for THCS (a division of TDN) was: 1. For THCS to have an understanding of the community needs and its citizens expectations of its health services. 2. That the information obtained will provide an evidence base to inform service development decision making. 3. That the consultation process will positively engage the citizens through reflection on their own health needs and expressing what they expect of their Health service.

A comprehensive survey tool was the most used mechanism for gathering data for the CC report with 121 completed surveys from Tasman residents. The collected information relating to:
Age, Gender, Daily duties, Demographics, Nature of volunteering, Suggestions for volunteer support, Health information, Self ranking quality of Life, Quality of life contributing factors, Suggestions for information THCS should provide public, Community services most used, Multiple use of services, Service improvement suggestions, Priority of services, Suggestions for improvement of

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