Review of Payroll and Rostering Solutions

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Review of payroll and rostering solutions Queensland Health September 2010 In March, 2010, Queensland Health went live with a new payroll and rostering solution for all staff in every location across the state. Queensland Health engaged Ernst & Young in August 2010 to conduct a review of the payroll and rostering systems. Contents Executive summary Introduction and scope Current state assessment Vendor analysis Peer analysis overview Solution options assessment Findings Conclusion Appendix A: Detailed solution options assessment 2 7 10 15 19 21 28 32 34 Our report may be relied upon by Queensland Health for the purpose of the review on its rostering and payroll solution only pursuant to the terms of our engagement letter …show more content…

There is no clear market leader of rostering products used in the Australian or international health care sector. Rather, there are several “like” products currently being used. Further, there is no dominant payroll and rostering solution which is specifically designed to work together for the health care sector, although some product owners certify their products operate successfully together Whilst recognising and understanding the current issues in the existing rostering system, Workbrain, the analysis indicates that these problems should be able to be fixed and the solution improved to adequately meet the needs of Queensland Health’s rostering requirements The replacement of the Workbrain system component of the solution with an alternative software product would place additional burden on staff and require significant effort and investment from Queensland Health. For example, this effort would include additional reconfiguring, testing and staff training over and above fixing the Workbrain solution. This would result in additional burden to staff on top of their daily duties, potential further delay in resolving award interpretation for staff and risking a continued loss of confidence in Queensland Health’s ability to resolve the situation 3. 4. Central to the findings of this report is the need for comprehensive support for any subsequent project activities conducted by Queensland Health. This support will be required in the form of change

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