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Environmental Trends, Opportunities, and Threats The People creating industry continues to draw interest from all types of individuals, professionals, and corporations and is constantly evolving. Podcasting which was once associated primarily with just IPODs is providing a flexible avenue to communicate through audio content. User generated content and blogging continue to connect individuals and groups while providing an avenue to feel needed and part of something. People are using these avenues to create business, drive revenue, gain information, and advertise products and services, and present views on a variety of topics. Environment trends: Individuals and Corporations are starting to depend on the blogging industry, podcasting…show more content…
This will create revenue opportunities, less expensive advertising, personal interaction, ease of information, and use of the personal consumers as a way to drive business. The podcasting industry provides an opportunity to leverage marketing firms, and publicity as a way to deliver their message through a downloadable service. The user can find out information by simply downloading their message and listening to it on a PC, phone, or I POD. Podcast can drive revenue through donations, sponsorships and advertising revenue. Also, there is an opportunity for a more commercial model where podcast are downloaded as a subscription service or a pay per download (Pollack, 2007). This creates an opportunity for both the individual and the professional. User generated content and primarily the video generated content is driving opportunities through brand awareness and use of personal experience as a form of marketing and public relations. Companies are references you tube experiences and videos from customers as a way to drive value into their products. If you have watched a You Tube video lately you can see the small advertisements that try to draw you towards a product and display the benefits. People are learning how to play guitar, make paper airplanes, and put together things they would not have been able to otherwise through the use of user generated content. The biggest opportunity in this industry will be working with

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