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Marketing Plan

1.0 Executive Summary
The consortium of Memphis community theatres including Germantown Community Theatre, Theatre Memphis, Playhouse on the Square, Circuit, TheatreWorks, Harrell, and Arlington Arts Group provide immeasurable value in increasing cultural quality of life in the community. By working together with a strategic marketing plan they can increase the audiences from 60% to 75% of capacity, while building strong support for the years to come.

Memphis corporate leaders support the arts, including the community theatres, to ensure that Memphis is a place the best and the brightest will come to work and live. Young professionals are the audiences of today and the board members and supporters of tomorrow.
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Thus we have both audiences and theatres supporting each other while consuming very diverse offering. Very often the community theatres are imbibed with the characteristics of the community they live in. Community theatres throughout the Memphis area, from Midtown to Collierville, produce a variety of plays throughout the season. It is an amazing blend of artistic expressions that reflect the cultural dynamics of the city's heritage. Some are family oriented and some are for a more mature audience.

The memberships make up about 60% of the total attendance. Those that value the arts are typically people with a high level of education, a background in exposure to the arts, and/or an education in the arts.

The theatres cover some of Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).With a population of 1.2 million, Memphis MSA includes 8 counties touching three states, which is showed in the Exhibit. Population in the Memphis MSA is project to grow 3.6% in the next 5 years.
The direct competition comes from Orpheum Theatre, which is an upscale and for-profit theatre whose ticket prices are sometimes twice as expensive. Movie theatres, sporting events and other arts activities also intensely compete with community theatres.
Theatre communication group survey result indicates that overall

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