Marketing Plan For A New Johnny D Bar

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Marketing Plan
The current paper describes the marketing plan for a new Johnny D Bar that will be a bar located in Shoreditch area, London on Rivington street. Shoreditch is an area of London within the London Borough of Hackney. (Foxtons, 2015) Shoreditch can be described as an area that is the epitome of the changing face of UK in general. (Nelsons,2013) The plan consists of the following parts: mission and vision statements, service description, marketing mix (7P), target market and potential customers, competition, objectives, promotion analysis, SWOT analysis, SMART objectives, PESTLE analysis, conclusion and advertisement.
Mission statement
The mission of the bar will be to satisfy the customer, to whom it will offer a …show more content…

Service description
Johnny D Bar is a thematic bar located in the Shoreditch area, which will be American-styled one during 1920-30 years, when mafia had a great influence on the country’s life. All the furniture, dishes and other stuff will be designed accordingly. It will serve traditional drinks of that time while the walls will be decorated with the photos of John Dillinger and other famous Mafiosi. Customers will enjoy jazz, blues, country and folk music from such singers as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and others. Moreover, live music will be performed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Another feature of the bar will be separate rooms for table games, including Mafia, Monopoly and others.
Marketing mix (7P)
Johnny D Bar will offer several different services for customers: high quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as fresh-cooked delicious food and a big choice of table games, which will include Mafia, card games and others. Today, there are a lot of restaurants and bars where people can eat and drink. Johnny D Bar will be a place, where people come for something more. A variety of details like old American-styled furniture and dishes, live jazz and blues, special events and parties will make a visitor enjoy his time and want him come back again.
Price is an important characteristic, which makes customer’s opinion about the place. The highest might scare a lot of customers, while low ones might

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