Marketing Strategy 4p on Kotex

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The modern, commercial, disposable pads seem to have started in the late nineteenth century with the Hartmann company in Germany and Johnson & Johnson in the United States In the United States, Kotex became well known in the 1920s, when Kimberly-Clark placed adverts in Good Housekeeping magazine. Although some readers were offended by the ads, the products' success led to more advertisements. Kimberly-Clark also promoted Kotex in Good Housekeeping by using intimate advice columnist Mary Pauline Callender. In August 2009, Kotex launched a premium subbrand called Kotex Luxe in Singapore. It launched U by Kotex Tween, products aimed at girls aged eight to twelve, in the US in 2011. In 2009, Kotex has been conducting research in Asia BodyLife IQ Study to determine the level of body awareness and knowledge among women in the region. As a result, we found that many girls in Asia are not equipped with accurate information about their bodies and this gave rise to the myth among many cultures in Asia. Accordingly, Kotex has launched iKnowMovement - so that all women can learn the truth about their bodies. After that let them tell the truth on the other girl to make the Origami Girl - the symbol of this movement and spread it on other girls. iKnowMovement has spread to more than 1 million women across Asia through school programs, initiatives, web, outdoor events and social sites like Facebook and

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