Marketing Strategy For The Quartz Shower System

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Executive Summary Aqualisa is a well-known shower manufacturer in the UK. They have a strong reputation with great service. They have invest 5.8M to develop the Quartz system that positions itself in the premium category in terms of quality, technology, design and ease of installation. Before the development of Quartz, the only option for good water pressure and temperature was to install either a mixed shower valve that was costly, or to use integral power showers, which was big and bulky. Aqualisa Quartz was launched in May 2001. The Managing Director of Aqualisa, Harry Rawlinson, invested time and money into the development of Quartz and thought it would be an instant success. So, what is the best marketing strategy to increase…show more content…
If it’s easy to install, Aqualisa could advertise to the D.I.Y. market. Gainsborough is already successful in the DIY market and Aqualisa could easily take advantage of distribution channels. • Cons: If they lower the price, it would lower the profit margins. This might cause customer to think the product is low in quality, which isn’t ideal. Quartz is the cheaper product compared to other Aqualisa products, in terms of labor and price. This option could also cause cannibalization. 3. Target Developers – Aqualisa can request that when it comes to residential or commercial development, plumbers use the Quartz system in their projects. • Pros: This would be a large volume channel. Aqualisa may be able to generate more sales when it comes to this method, rather than targeting consumers. Developers can force plumbers to use Quartz, no matter what the plumbers feel about electronic technology in shower products. • Cons: Developers might be hesitant to go with the Aqualisa brand because of the high quality brand image, even though they would receive a discount. Rawlinson mentioned he didn’t want to discount the product. There will be slower results than if they were targeting consumers. Developers only signify 15% of the market. 4. Target Plumbers – Aqualisa can try to help plumber get over their hesitance when it comes to shower products and electronic technology. • Pros: Aqualisa could use the word-of-mouth marketing to increase

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