Essay on Brand analysis of Jo Malone

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Brand Analysis
Jo Malone



1. Background 3
2. SWOT Anaylsis 4
2.1 Strength 4
2.2 Weakness 4
2.3 Opportunities 5
2.4 Threats 5
3. Recommendations 6
4. Conclusion 7
5. References 8

1. Background Jo Malone is an international brand which was established in United Kingdom by Jo Malone in 1994, then it was acquired by Estée Lauder in 1999(Jo Malone 2014). This brand has a series of products, such as scents, body care products and home supplies (ibid). Its products are extracted from natural materials with pure flavor; so it is always pursued by many stars and upper class (Jo Malone 2013). Jo Malone allows consumers to tailor their own
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Consumers, who cannot afford a Chanel bag, can purchase Chanel perfume to satisfy their vanity. Moreover, Jo Malone is a brand with particular features, in other words, there might be some copy-cats appear to confuse consumers and damage Jo Malone’s brand image.

3. Recommendations
Based on the SWOT analysis above, there are three recommendations could be proposed. Firstly, recommending Jo Malone to promote itself in the public media. Due to Jo Malone’s low brand recognition and ineffective promotion strategy, it is necessary for Jo Malone to increase investment of promotion, to advertise itself on TV and premium beauty magazines, and to invite a few stars who are well known and have similar characteristics with Jo Malone to be spokespersons. Moreover, allowing perfume stores and online stores to sell Jo Malone products is also an option to enhance brand recognition and expend distribution channels.

Second recommendation is to collaborate with other brands. In order to increase sales and expand not only premium market, but also mass market without undermining brand value, there are two options to target different consumers. One is to collaborate with Superdry, which is a young and fashionable brand with great reputation. Consumers are able to smell the partner perfume in Superdry’s shop and make purchase if they are interested in. Another is to collaborate with five-star hotels. There are many kinds of bath
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