Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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When thinking of what makes a successful advertisement, many would agree that the most successful brands adapt to the society and trends around them. Similar to everything else in our world, advertisements continue to change year after year and era after era. When thinking of common brands with impressive advertisements and campaigns, Coca-Cola is one that we are introduced to at a young age. Coke has been advertising their brand for over one hundred years. This brand continues to relate to many consumers by modifying and creating advertisement campaigns, which relate to current trends. Two advertisements in particular test the theory of how as era’s progress what was once seen as competitive relationship is now a budding romance and popular marketing strategy.
The history of Coca-Cola’s advertising started back in 1887 and has continued to expand since day one. The first advertising for Coke was done through couponing and then was followed by newspaper advertising (Coca-Cola History). This was the beginning of advertising for many because there was growth in trade and the Advertisement Tax had been abolished (Williams, p. 324). With more advertisements being published, new creative strategies began to form. Similar to many other large corporate brands, Coca-Cola continued to reinvent new strategies to gain consumers. In the 1970s Coke began to advertise that their products were about fun, friends and good times (Coca-Cola History). This new advertising strategy was

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