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The University of Phoenix Marketing Strategy Paper
A business must be highly competitive in the business markets today. For a business to grow successfully, remain sustainable, and competitive a business needs a good understanding of a marketing plan, and the knowhow to put the concepts to work for the business achieving a successful marketing strategy. Remaining successful when an economic growth has leveled out shows a sustainable business. Competitors that follow the same marketing concepts will need to develop a good marketing plan, and implement the concepts into a marketing strategy to remain a competitive business. A good marketing strategy contains a marketing plan describing the products offered, and taking into account …show more content…

Television advertising on CNN, MSNBC, and Discover channel was the most successful in attaining higher enrollment (Heller, 2001). The segments of target markets are based on the opportunities and resources of the university. The goal of the university is find the target markets that match the needs or wants of the market at the time. Capturing this target market of young and recent graduates would mean a substantial jump in profits and growth for the university.
The University of Phoenix Marketing Mix
The University of Phoenix has been in the education service over 22 years; they offer an array of classes with flexible schedules. An individual can acquire an Associate, Bachelor, or Masters Degree, and Doctoral degrees to certification and single courses. Another advantage the university offers is smaller online classes opposed to larger in class classrooms. The University of Phoenix hires faculty with real-world experience, and degree programs developed on relevant and effective learning for a quality education. The university is convenient for many students offering online and evening classes making it possible for those who work to have a chance to complete their education.
The University of Phoenix is one of the nation’s largest private universities located in Phoenix, AZ with more than 200 university locations worldwide. Classes are online for individuals with a schedule that would conflict with the campus class

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