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GEN 480
Interdisciplinary Capstone Course Program Council
The Academic Program Councils for each college oversee the design and development of all University of Phoenix curricula. Council members include full-time and practitioner faculty members who have extensive experience in this discipline. Teams of full-time and practitioner faculty content experts are assembled under the direction of these Councils to create specific courses within the academic program. Copyright
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Lifelong Learning
• Reflect upon the role of learning and its importance to your personal growth and development.
• Recommend possible avenues for continuing education and professional advancement.
• Establish the relationship between completing the University of Phoenix Bachelor's Degree program and lifelong learning.
Point Values for the Course Assignments ASSIGNMENTS Due Points
Individual (73%)
Class Participation (8 pts. total) Weekly Discussion Questions, including Week 5 Course Summary and Final Peer Review (10 pts. total) All 18
Ethics Awareness Inventory W1 5
Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper W2 15
Critical Thinking Case Study W3 20
Past, Present, and Future Paper W4 15 Learning Team (27%)
Learning Team Skills Assessment Paper and Matrix W2 4
Learning Team Analysis of Business Specialties W3 4
Learning Team Role Identification W4 4
Learning Team Consultant Scenario Paper and Presentation W5 15 Total 100
Course Changes
Please note that the instructor’s assignments may vary from the original syllabus you received from the student web page. Assignments in this document take priority. While the reading assignments and learning objectives remain the same, some of the assignments in this syllabus have been customized for this particular section.
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