Marketing Strategy for a Drag Strip

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Marketing strategy for a drag strip 1. Introduction The current report sets out to present the marketing strategy proposed for the creation of a new drag strip facility. This endeavor is a rather complex one, needing to integrate elements and knowledge of both business as well as racing requirements. 2. The product The product to be created and promoted is represented by the drag strip, which in essence represents a structure formed from two lane strips, created in a special location and aimed at hosting legal drag racing competitions. Drag racing is a competitive extreme sport which can be engaged in by both professionals as well as amateurs. Watchers can place bets and the hosts document the events (time of race, winners, types of vehicles used and so on). The product will be characterized by a series of elements, some of the more notable of them including: The length of the racing strip if of a ¼ of a mile, starting with a starting are and ending with a finish line. The strips include sufficient space to allow for burnout at the beginning of the race and slow down after the race is complete The pre-stage lines would be placed before the starring line so that the racers know when they are approaching the starting line The stage lights will be placed at the start line so that the racers know when they are in the official starting area The Christmas lights will be positioned of the sides of each lanes so that they are visible to the drivers on both

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