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HEDO-FALLS Marketing Plan Product Design and Development The Hedo-Falls shower system is the first of its kind. This kind of shower has not been seen before in the market. It offers something totally unique with no direct competition. No company has been ambitious enough to integrate so much into a device that has remained virtually the same for decades. The developers at Quantum Studio decided to take a chance and tap into a new and exciting market. Their risk paid off greatly. There is no direct competition for the Hedo-Falls shower system at this time, but there is secondary competition, such as other basic shower units. Features Physical features The Hedo-Falls will contain a full LCD HD screen. The screen would …show more content…

Quantum Studio chose to target television shows with high ratings. Hedo-Falls has been placed in homes that are being renovated for the reality show television use, like Extreme Home Make-Over on ABC. Quantum Studio also has celebrity endorsers that are seen touring their mansions on MTV Cribs. On these cable television shows, our sponsors will be showing the public how to use Hedo-Falls and they will model the interactive shower has a product and a service; just a small price to pay for good publicity. Focus Groups Quantum Studio hosted two separate focus group events for hors d’oeuvres and a wine dinner—it’s a small price to pay for valuable feedback. One group was held in New York while the other was hosted in Los Angeles. Quantum Studio’s focus groups consisted of 60 individuals from the following: five men in Forbes top 100 Wealthiest Businessmen and their significant others, three professional Football players and their significant others, two professional Baseball players and their significant others, three professional Basketball players and their significant others, two professional Hockey players and their significant others, and the top five highest paid actors in Hollywood and their significant others. Quantum Studio also invited the CEO’s of ABC and Viacom along with their significant others, as well as the owners and CEO’s of The Hyatt, The W Hotels, The Omni and 5 other boutique type hotel like Ivy and their significant

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