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NIVEA Q.1 Describe two pieces of data that NIVEA used when preparing its marketing plan to re-launched NIVEA FOR MEN? The NIVEA brand was one of the most recognised skin and beauty care brands in the world; it was first introduced in 1911. There were lots of reputed product or bases used to market or advertised this brand but the owner seems too looked disappointed to market or advertised this brand. There were also used market plan to make this brand more attractive and respond able for the customers .As well as different strategies were used to prepare the marketing plan of NIVEA. The first one by improve the formula of the products and the other was to extend the NIVEA FORMEN product range. In other words we can say…show more content…
-Risk for target audience while product range still relevant or not. -Weather it have the right sales and distribution outlets or not. -Market research up-to-date or not. Opportunities: -The growing of market was the clear opportunity -NIVEA FOR MEN had seen an increase in the sales of male skincare products and it wanted a greater share of this market. -The company wanted to take advantage of changing social attitudes. Men open or certainly less resistance to facial skincare products. Threats: -The risk of competitor’s entering the market NIVEA FOR MEN needed to differentiate its product in order to ensure that in an increasingly competitive market its marketing activity gave positive return or investment in terms of sales and profits. -Consumers were becoming more knowledgeable and price conscious. They often expect sales promotions such as discounts and offers. From the above points we can easily understand the SWOT Analysis just before the re-launch of NIVEA FOR MEN. Q.4 Discuss how effective you think the marketing plan for NIVEA FOR MEN has been? As we know NIVEA is one of the most recognized skin and beauty care brands in the world. It was introduced in 1911 and NIVEA brand now extends to 14 products ranges worldwide from sun care to facial moisturizers deodorant and shower products. The NIVEA FOR MEN brand was launched in the UK in 1998. At that time

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