Marla's Lie Essay

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All the narrator's attempts to live in a peaceful way and to build his own empire of happiness, or just living in peace, ended with the appearance of Marla Singer. Marla is a woman who comes to all the support groups the narrator goes to, thus he knows that she pretends to be ill but she is not. The narrator is a faker when it comes to his presence in support groups, and also Marla is a faker, as quoted in Fight Club "Marla's lie reflects my lie, and all I can see are lies" (Palahniuk 13) and by this time the narrator's life is wrecked again and he cannot sleep again because of her presence as quoted in Fight Club "this is the one real thing in my life, and you are wrecking it" (Palahniuk 13).The narrator's state is just a reflection of the people he meets, Bob, whom he met in the support group, helps him to cry and consequently to sleep, Marla wrecked his life, and Tyler changes his life, a complete change.
Bob is a big man who the narrator meets at testicular cancer's support group. He came to support group and cries as his "testicles were removed" (Palahniuk 7) six months ago. Crying between Bob's shoulders helps the narrator to sleep. Thus, one can see Bob as one thing that helps the narrator to live peacefully. Bob is a clear …show more content…

The narrator tries to build his own empire by collecting material things in his house thinking that he will achieve by this, somehow, peace of mind but it appears that he is "trapped in your lovely nest" (Palahniuk 29) which took him "whole life to buy this stuff" (Palahniuk 29).One can see directly the effect of the industrial revolution over the postmodern man and how it assert the consumerism, as the more people consume, the more the factories produce. The industrial revolution is a double-edged event in the postmodern man's life, as it makes our lives easier yet it asserts the urge on people to consume more and

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