Marriage Guidance: Summary Notes

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Marriage Guidance – Summary MGG201W MGG201W – Marriage Guidance – facilitative couples counselling Theme ONE – Understanding couples Intimacy involves: love, affection and caring, deep attachment to another person. The TRIPOD of couple relationships An intimate relationship consists of three factors that form a tripod on which the relationship rests. 1. Passionate attraction (PA) 2. Mutual expectations (ME) 3. Personal intentions (PI) Passionate attractions (PA) → Individual experiences intensely pleasurable sensations when thinking about or being with a new partner. → Blushing, trembling, breathlessness, high sexual desire → Referred to as infatuation = passing love “a foolish and unreasoning love’ → Infatuation is not…show more content…
Differences in communication styles and patterns of emotional expression → Woman – use more qualifiers, emotive, better at interpreting verbal and non-verbal behaviour , more attentive. → Men – more factual, less revealing, more competitive Page 2 of 57 Marriage Guidance – Summary MGG201W Perceptions of rules/roles for the relationship → Stereotypical views which are misleading → Men are expected to be strong, independent, successful, aggressive → Woman – gentle, dependent for support and protection, nurturing, emotional, submissive. → Traditional sex roles influence people’s behaviour and expectations in a relationship → 4 main reasons for the difference in sex role expectations: (and cause the marginalising of woman) - Differences in socialisation - Differences in legal and economic status and power - Differences in childbirth and parenting - Differences in sexuality Helper needs to focus on helping the couple understand how gender relates to their stresses The effects of ethnicity and culture Bloom: Culture is an “integrated pattern of communication among people with a common history,
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