Mars Cons

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This paper explores the economic, environmental, demographical, and political cons of the human race’ future on another planet. NASA has come to the conclusion that in a few billion years, Earth will cease its existence and the human race will need to find another plant to live on. Although humans will need an alternative habitat to Earth, there are many disadvantages of relocating to the planet Mars. Due to the vast amount of money that is required for going on space missions, countries could potentially end up in debt with other countries. This can also cause an influx in the economy. The change in the environment may not be beneficial to human’s survival. With this, a collection of these influences can really hurt the human population by…show more content…
In some instances, the environment of Mars is drastically different than Earth’s environment. For instance, Mars has a greater distance from the sun than Earth dues, thus the temperature on Mars is colder. In addition, since there is less of a gravitational pull, people on Mars would experience 62.5% less gravity than they would usually feel on Earth. Gravity’s effect on mass determines the weight of something. Since there is less of a gravitational pull on Mars, things weigh less on Mars than they would on Earth. For instance, a person who weighs 100 pounds on Earth would weigh about 38 pounds on…show more content…
Earth has a 23.5 degree tilt, while Mars has a 25 degree tilt. The speed for Mars to travel around the sun is lower, thus creating longer days, years and seasons. While Earth has 24 hours in a day, Mars has about 24 hours and 40 minutes in one full day. It’s commonly known that one year on earth is about 365 earth days, however one year on mars takes about 687 earth days. Since one year on Mars is about twice the length of one year on Earth, the seasons are longer on Mars. Mars’s orbit is slightly elliptical, thus its distance from the sun varies. As a result, Marian season vary in length. While the northern hemisphere in Mars can experiences a longer spring and summer, the southern hemisphere of Mars experiences a longer autumn and
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