Marsden's Analysis

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Women now grow up in a community where their choices can be made by themselves. Women no longer have to seek their father’s or husband input. Still to this day we are treated in certain circumstances as inferior to the male population (Marsden, 2012). Beside this women have come so far because they no longer have no control over their choices, their choices are in their own hand and they are able to do what they wish (Marsden, 2012). For example in class we have talked about the electoral system (Heritz, 2016b). For the longest time only British born men 21 and over were eligible to vote (Heritz, 2016b). Women fought peacefully to get their right to vote so that they could have a say. This relates to Marsden’s novel because she discusses…show more content…
This only happened due to the women of our past fighting for their right and freedom so that they no longer had to live the way the male gender wanted them too (Marsden, 2012). One element that is respectable is that women were able to socially change their lives in a peaceful like manner with no anger, war or violence (Marsden, 2012). Women in a sense participated in civil disobedience. Civil obedience is when a group of people fight against a law in a peaceful fashion (Heritz, 2016a). Women were more than willing to fight for their rights even if it meant taking the repercussions for their choices (Heritz, 2016a). Success and change happened peacefully (Marsden, 2012). Women were not the only ones responsible for helping to change the laws in favour of women. Our male allies also contributed to women gaining their rights and freedom women have today (Marsden,…show more content…
The constitution act is a documents that implement the current rights and freedoms for society. The constitution act from 1867 to 1982 ended up being completely different acts since society evolved so much the constitution act had to evolve with it (Marsden, 2012). If one were to look at the constitution act now in the 21st century and compare the differences from the first constitution act in 1867 several people would not believe that the act had changed that much over 150 years. The 1982 Canadian Charter of Human Right and Freedoms is considered to fall under the new and improved constitution act of
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