Martin Luther And Desiderius Erasmus

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Martin Luther and Desiderius Erasmus make an unusual pair; Erasmus a polite and cautious scholar, Luther a bold and outspoken priest. Because of this, Erasmus’s pacifism can be quite appealing. He can seem the hero trying to free us from the slavery of God’s unapologetic will. However, when the points of their dispute are disassembled, one would find that Erasmus lacks a strong biblical argument; many times due to his attitude towards the topic. Luther’s zeal is found to be a huge asset in making and defending his claims, which he absolutely believes to be the truth of Scripture. For this reason, and others I will note, Martin Luther certainly composes the superior biblical argument in this debate of free will. Before I go any further, the criteria for a good biblical claim must be established to show this is the case. The primary attribute of a satisfactory biblical case is that it must draw its strength and authority from the Bible. If authority is shifted off of Scripture, it will surely follow that the assertion becomes less biblical. Yet, to separate what the Bible truly says from the interpretation of those making the argument can be exceedingly difficult. This leads directly into the second criteria: Any interpretation of the Bible must be consistent with what has been recorded in the Old and New Testaments. A conclusion that is not so must not have been interpreted correctly, and therefore has no value in this consideration. Lastly, to construct a sound

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