Martin Luther King Jr Similarities

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Abraham Lincoln was poor and illiterate as a child, but eventually became educated with hard work and dedication. Martin Luther King Jr. was a pastor just like the three generations of his family. Martin Luther King Jr and Abraham Lincoln were civil rights influencers and great leaders. They fought for what they knew was right and motivated other people. These two people had the same idea in making the world a better place. Martin Luther King Jr was a huge supporter and influencer in Civil rights. Martin Luther King didn’t have an easy life to start, or ever.(“The civil rights movement,” n.d.) He was born as Michael Luther King Jr and later changed it to Martin. Martin’s grandfather started the chain of being pastors. King was very smart and hard-working and he graduated at the age of fifteen and went on to Boston college.After his early life he married Coretta Scott and they had two sons and two daughters. Martin also became pastor at the church his father had been at.(“Martin Luther King Jr. - Biography,” n.d.-a) At this point King had been helping to break the bus…show more content…
There early last for very different because Abraham Lincoln was poor and Martin Luther King Jr was not poor. (“Abraham Lincoln,” n.d.-b)Abraham Lincoln was an educated and illiterate for a long time in his early life.(“Martin Luther King Jr. - Biography,” n.d.-d) Martin Luther King Jr. was educated and very smart at a young age. (McPherson, n.d.) They both did many things in their lifetime. Abraham Lincoln was based more on slavery because that was the problem in that time period. Martin Luther King Jr was more on segregation laws since that was the problem. Abraham Lincoln had a harder life than Martin at times. Both had many differences, but were still fighting for the same thing. (“Biography of Dr Martin Luther King | Dr Martin Luther King Biography,”
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