Martin Luther King Letter From Birmingham Jail Analysis

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Questions for Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail”
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1. What do you think King’s central claim (argument) is in this letter?
The letter here seems to serve several purposes. First, it is consistent with his ultimate goal of justifying his case as in the name of justice. He does not want to confirm the deeply selected fear of his audience - that the black movement is an extremist set that will engender violence. Thus, by using restraint, he receives a sympathetic hearing, to which he then declares his proud embrace of extremism and tension. There are times when he distinguishes himself and his reason from this of his opponents, especially in terms of race. Nevertheless, it mostly says that all people are responsible for everyone in this world, an idea that would not be as effective if the tone of the argument was too fiery and confrontational.
2. Identify the use of logos in King’s letter

3. Identify King’s use of ethos in his letter.
Dr. King had access to a series of allusions from various religious and secular traditions, and he made full use of this knowledge in the "Letter." While each allusion serves a specific purpose in the context of the argument in which it is used, when taken together they emphasize two aspects of their argument. First, it is his argument that all people are interrelated, and are responsible for each other. Numerous traditions from which Dr. King snatches hints

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