Martin Luther : The Symbolism Of The Protestant Reformation

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Martin Luther was born in the Harz Mountains of Germany in 1483. Through his life a reformation like no other was born. This reformation was largely due to a single document authored by Martin Luther. Luther wrote a document called the 95 Theses. This document opened up Europe to a new view on Christianity and some of the ways the Catholic Church portrayed it to the community. This document is a controversial topic on what its original intentions were. Whether it was to attack the church or just for intellectual conversation in the college at Wittenberg it caused a movement across the country as well as the continent and later the world. The 95 Theses challenges and questions ways of the church as well as it is the symbol of the start of the Protestant Reformation.
Martin Luther grew up in Germany where as recently archaeologists have uncovered that his family upbringing was wealthier than he liked to portray (Heuer, 84 2017). Luther was no different in his youth from others of the same social class. His brother died from plague in their youth and in response he took this as a time to be upset for the loss. Away from his brother’s death Growing up Luther studied the seven liberal arts. He studied these because his plans were to become a lawyer. Based off of Luther’s own statements he was almost struck by lightning on his way back to law school in July of 1505 (Heuer, 2017 p. 84). This happening changed his life and he soon after began his life in the Augustinian Monastery.

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