Martin Luther 's The Pope Essay

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First, it is important to understand Martin Luther’s main issues with the Catholic Church and their practices. The majority of his grievances were summed up in his Ninety-five Theses. One of his main points was to question the authority of the Church. He writes “The pope has neither the will nor the power to remit any penalties except those which he has imposed on his own authority…The pope has no power to remit any guilt” (194). Luther stated the pope shouldn’t have the ability to remove any shame or infraction a Christian has committed unless it is through God’s will. Luther instead emphasized that justification by faith alone allowed for sin or guilt to be removed by God by acknowledging the sacrifice of Christ. The pope instead did not do the work of God but just worked for God which changed how the pope should be viewed in the public eye. Luther went after many different aspects of the papacy if the pope to express how he saw how the Church failed to express his ideal Christian message, especially regarding indulgences. He argued that any Christian leader saying that Indulgences given by the pope saved you from sin was were completely wrong and all Christians deserved to be removed from sin without Indulgences written by the pope.1He disregarded indulgences since he thought were better ways to remove sin instead of paying money to get out of purgatory. Luther believed that money should not play a part in the path of Christian salvation since vile people could buy
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