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Mary Kay Inc.: Building a Brand in India
Cameron A. Sanders
Northeastern State University

MKT 3213 CRN 30369
Dr. Ronald Petty
February 19, 2016
Mary Kay Inc.: Building a Brand in India
Mary Kay Inc. is a company I have heard of and know some about but I am a guy who does not where makeup like a Frenchman. I knew Mary Kay was popular in the United States among the women population. I know some people who threw some Mary Kay parties. Other than that I did not know much about the company before watching this video. I was actually shocked when I found out Mary Kay is mostly sold by individuals who host parties. It is a company who values relationships between the seller and buyer.
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The sell it a direct selling method. 2. What global market-entry strategy did Mary Kay use when it entered India? The global market-entry strategy Mary Kay used is exporting. They did not open a factories. They exported from China, Korea, and United States. 3. Is Mary Kay a global Brand? Why or why not? Yes Mary Kay is a global brand. Why, because they marketed in many countries by the same name and they have similar and centrally coordinated marketing

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