Mass Media And Its Impact On Society

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Today is the world of technologies which keeps on introducing us with new innovations and advancements and one of these technologies which influenced our lives is mass media. Mass media is a means of communication that reach number of people in a short time. Mass media includes television, newspaper, magazine, radio and Internet (Nariman,2011) . It is a large pool of information from where every type of information can be extracted and is widening more and more. Mass media influences the society especially the younger generation and shape their opinions and decisions. The study of the impacts of mass media requires a great understanding.
Mass media have both negative and positive influences on the younger minds and understanding these influences is one’s social responsibility. Starting up with the positive impact, the greatest advantage of mass media is the awareness and knowledge it is gifting to youth and the rest of the society. In this competitive world, young people need to be updated all the time to achieve success and mass media provides them source to enhance their knowledge. News broadcasted through televisions, radios, internet and other sources help youth to connect with different events and happenings in the world. The films and documentaries telecasted make them socially aware and develop their concern about the society and encourage them to participate in the social activities for its welfare. Apart from updating, newspapers improve vocabulary of young people
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