Media And Its Impact On Society

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As the world becomes a global village due to technology our society changes with it. We become more and more civilized that our way of life must change to match the changes in our world. One of the most common changes that have hit our today’s society is media. Media has penetrated through all barriers including our war fronts and areas where man never thought to have penetrated. As media develops through the years and technology expands more media outlets open and so the society has and continues to move away from the mainstream media (CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, ABC, etc.) to local media and different websites to get their news. The trust society had in Television and the mainstream media to provide true and uncontaminated reports has faded and therefore society is moving away from these to where they believe they can get news first hand. In this paper, I will attempt to explain why in today 's media many people don 't just rely on the major networks but go online for news (Local, National, and Global). Could this be splintering our views and causing more anger? Should it be regulated? I will also attempt to express my opinion on what the business of news is becoming in the next ten years.
Over the years Newspapers, journals, magazines and Television had been the main source of source of news for out American society. In recent years due to the advent of modern technology and the internet journalism has improved and most of the media outlet expanded the way they cover
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