Mastering Mediation : A Reflection On My Mediation Experience

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Mastering Mediation: A reflection on my mediation experience I never imagined myself as a mediator, but prior to beginning this class I learned from previous students that it included role plays in which we mediated disputes between our classmates. I incorrectly assumed we would be thrust in a simple situation like helping mutual friends work out some simple disagreement. I did not realize we would practice our conflict management skills in so formal and serious a setting. I found the prospect somewhat daunting, but as the semester progressed I became increasingly comfortable with mediation. I performed well in certain aspects of the mediations and struggled, but improved in, others, culminating in my best mediation yet. In short, I improved my mediating abilities throughout the semester, progressing from an average mediator who performs adequately to an excellent one who effectively uses key mediation tactics, at least in role plays. Despite having no mediation experience prior to this class, I immediately excelled in a few areas of mediation. Namely, I did well with the introduction, exuding confidence, and helping the disputants move toward a resolution. Each of these skills is extremely important for mediators as they help set the tone, maintain control of the conversation or accomplish the goal of mediation. Of course, I improved with I practice, but I performed admirably in each of these arenas from the outset. The area I shone in the most was probably the…

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