My Best Mediation Experience

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There were many mediations that I observed and participate throughout this whole semester. It was really interesting to get a little taste of being a mediator, or the plaintiff and defendant. As far as I can remember the best mediation I took part off was probably when I was the defendant. The case dealt with two roommates that got into a heated argument about who was going receive gifts, or which one of the roommates where going help the other clean up the apartment. I remember this case particular because it was really fun, and got pretty serious. So the defendant in this case was me of course. The two mediator where James and other male student. The Plaintiff was Ashleigh. Throughout the whole case I and Ashleigh just used our regular names. The mediation Case was about two roommates. They had been arguing for days. Later that day Ashleigh came into the job that both roommates had been working at. She started to yell and scream at Jamil, and the argument had gotten out of hand. So there boss told both of them if they did not seek resolution, then both would be fired. The argument was over who would receive the gifts from the apartment management. The other argument is that she was moving out, and I wanted her to clean the house that she left dirty. So for the both of us we decided to attend a mediation, so we would not get fired. The major factor in this mediation was Ashleigh not cleaning her part of the apartment. I also felt that me not giving her the gifts that

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