Master's Degree In Nursing

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The field of nursing is constantly changing and growing in order to facilitate the needs of the public. To address these challenges, obtaining an advanced education can lead to better outcomes and health care promotion in nursing. According to the National League for Nursing (2012), a baccalaureate prepared nurse is provided information on how to apply the skills needed to function as a registered nurse, advocate for the safety and quality of care provided to patients and their families in the community, and promotes clinical inquiry by analyzing research and promoting best practice through evidence-based outcomes (p. 39). The master’s prepared nurse advances the skills learned as a baccalaureate nurse in order to provide leadership and foster a healthy environment in a variety of positions and surroundings. Greater…show more content…
The graduate nurse takes on the role as leader in the practice of health promotion and system change through individual or group evidence based practice research for the improvement in policies and…show more content…
A master’s degree provides the necessary critical thinking skills, knowledge, and understanding to question poor practices and make valuable changes in the field of nursing. These changes provide a positive impact and quality improvement to health care.
Clark, Casey, and Morris (2015) suggest that master’s degree nurses improved patient satisfaction, over all health, and decreased length of stay in hospitals because of their advanced skills and knowledge (p. 332). Advanced academic education and theory allow the graduate nurse to make positive change through community education and involvement, therefore, decreasing the number of health care disparities in the aging population. The value of the master’s degree enhances both the community served and helps to evolve the nursing field for years to
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