Interview Of A Masters Prepared Nurse

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Interview of a Masters Prepared Nurse: A Role Examination INTRODUCTION The purpose of doing an interview with a Mastered prepared Nurse here is to look for new awareness about a role, much desired by the interviewer and increase insight into the relationship between career path, education and opportunities. The goal is to recognize the interviewer’s current view of the MSN role with that someone presently occupied in that role, and develop a new apprehension. In a face to face interview, we discussed the personal experience, educational preparation and achievements. B.G describes her journey from BSN through master’s degree in Education and post master’s degree in FNP. Getting real role information will aid the interviewer to gain an insight in to the career advancement and is an eye opener to the new opportunities lies ahead of a Master’s prepared Nurse. Overview of master’s-prepared nurse’s Career I chose to interview B. G, our clinical educator in my unit, who started her career after graduating BSN from Indian Army, 1991. She worked from 1991 – 1993 at Military hospital in India as a ward sister who is in charge of the medical unit. She gained clinical experience while assessing patients, taking vital signs, assisting doctors and performing venipunctures and injections. She worked in various hospitals in different position from a bed side nurse to the head nurse. Not content with her work, she continued with her studies and graduated Masters in Education from India,
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