Materials Of A Rocket Or Space Shuttle

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Abstract: Many people think that going to the outer space is not that complex when talking about the materials of a rocket or space shuttle. Most people believe that metal is all that is needed and that in fact that is all it has. The truth is that it required a lot of research and procedures to come up with the right materials to people to withstand rigorous conditions. In other words, materials had to be engineered to work with extreme heat, cold and pressure changes. Due to some other issues such as collision from debris and unforeseen events the space shuttle had to be cancelled. The risks were too high even with all the engineering of materials.
During the 1955 the race to see who would send the first astronaut to space began between the United States and the Soviet Union. At that time, they were using rockets without the thought of being reused. All they really want was to win the race of who would send the first astronaut to space. As time went by, they decided that the rockets should be able to be reused. The problem with the first designs is that they were disposable and expensive. So in 1972 the space shuttle program officially began. The shuttle were a way to lower the costs by having an aircraft connected with a rocket that would boost it out of space and then be able to land on earth. Therefore, the aircraft would be reused and just have a new rocket and external tank. The problem was to come up with a material that could be reused without suffering from…

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