Maternity Care Of Women With Mental Health Issues

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Within this essay maternity care of women with mental health issues will be analysed and discussed in conjunction with contemporary society and health care provision. Raynor and Oates (2014) portray pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium as a significant but normal life-changing event that can transform lives of women and lead to intensified levels of anxiety, emotion, self-doubt, stress and strain due to the responsibilities of parenthood and changes this presents to family dynamics. Mental health is described by WHO (2005) as being the state of wellbeing where an individual understands their capabilities, manages stresses of normal life, works effectively and has social involvement within local community. Maternal mental illness can therefore be termed as having feelings of vulnerability, loss of identity and individuality as women transition into parenthood (Price, 2007). Department of Health (2014) has recently applied focus towards the promotion of mental health as a key initiative for healthcare to resist discrimination against individuals and groups with mental health issues and promote social inclusion. Modern day women are inundated with many positive images and messages portraying the perfect image of pregnancy and motherhood, sometimes defined as the best time of your life, but without consideration for social and physiological factors that impact upon women during the perinatal period (Reid, 2015). Transition into parenthood through pregnancy and

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