Math Reflection

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Math is one of those subjects that we tend to find the least accessible and the least applicable to our lives. After all, who is ever going to need to use Fermat’s Little Theorem or the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic in their everyday life besides a handful of individuals? The easiest answer to this prompt, then, is to say that math is going to influence the ways I create and craft budgets in my production management career. However, that answer is no more interesting that saying that knowing how to add helps you pay your bills every week. Perhaps the best answer to this prompt is not in what math can do for me on a practical level, but rather it is in what math can help illuminate for me. When I started this course, I believed math to be the essential foundation for our everyday activities (and that is still true). But as this course ends, I have come to understand math as more than just how to encrypt information online securely.
Math has the ability to shape how we perceive and understand the complex machinery of the world. It makes it simpler, certainly, but it also makes us wonder about how intricate and expansive parts of our lives are. Think about a concept like infinity—an idea I spoke briefly about in my exam, but which I want to come back to here. I use the word everyday in my life, rarely mathematically, but often as an abstract notion. After our lesson on infinity, I found myself thinking deeply about what it means for something to be infinite. Not just in a
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