Maths : Invented Or Discovered?

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Maths: Invented or Discovered? Abstract: Introduction: What is mathematics? What is the distinct definition for it? Something that always has bewildered me is what maths really is. Biology is the study of living organisms, chemistry is the study of chemicals, physics is the study of the universe and its forces, so what is maths the study off? Well the online Oxford Dictionary states that maths is “the abstract science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts (pure mathematics), or as applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering ( applied mathematics)”. A more scientifical website states that maths is “the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement”. At school we have …show more content…

Maths is a subject that has always interested me, but looking at the roots of it is an aspect that I have never explored. I always knew that it is very open to debate, with various different opinions but I have always been intrigued by it, so I have decided to use it as the subject of my Extended Project. I have decided to title my dissertation “Maths: Invented or Discovered?” as I felt that it would give me a wider scope to explore instead of narrowing the subject on a biased view/opinion or even a one sided argument. It will also allow me to go into sufficient detail for both sides of the subject and apply my own judgement, expressing my views on the topic as I gain a better understanding of the history of maths. Most of the research which I will gathered is web based; including some first hand research that I will conduct, most likely a survey. I felt that the Internet was the best place to gather different views as I will have a better understanding of my subject matter. This will allow me to get together a lot of research from various sources in a short space of time, as it will enable me to find similarities and differences between all the sources very easily. I feel that the question I have picked will give me a very large insight into how the opinions of the origins of maths have evolved over time, with developments into certain theories and some being totally disregarded by

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